Hide IP Address Safe Detailed Review

Are feeling frustrated and angry because the popular websites like You Tube and Netflix are banned in your country? There’s a valid reason behind your frustration because the entire world can watch videos and do other stuffs on the internet but unfortunately you can’t. But still you can use a specific service called “Hide IP Address Safe” and it allows you to access all the blocked websites easily from anywhere in the world.


“Hide IP Address Safe” is a private proxy tool which is compatible for windows and MAC platform. There you can find a lot of proxy services available online but the unique features that this particular service comes with make it completely stand apart from the crowd and it is one of the popular private proxy service choices for most of the tech savvy people.
So in this Hide IP Address Safe review article you will come to know about all the details of this software so that you can easily use this tool to keep your IP address hidden in order to access all the blocked websites in your country.

Now it’s time to know the key features of this IP hiding tool:

It provides you the highest level of privacy protection so that other people won’t have any idea about what you do online. It allows you to surf any websites online without worrying about getting your personal information revealed.
It comes with more than 50 IP addresses from different countries such as USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Netherland, Portugal, Brazil, and Chile, Japan etc. The best part of using country specific IP address is that you can easily show your location from that particular country. There are some websites that allows people to access from some specific countries and using this IP hiding tool you can easily get access to those websites.
This tool is very easy to use. You can easily hide your IP and real location with just one click. It chooses the IP address automatically that you used last time before logging out. If there’s any connection dropping problem then this tool connects the IP automatically. You don’t need to be a technologically sound person in order to use this tool. Anyone with internet connection can use this tool without facing any sort of conveniences.
This tool comes with fully featured customized setting. Hide IP Address Safe allows you to select applications you want to hide your traffic for and at the same time you can easily redirect all the traffic of your PC. No matter how long you need, you can keep the IP address same. This VPN tool comes with special feature that changes your IP address to a new one in every1,5, 30 or 60 minutes.
Government level privacy protection is another crucial plus point of this IP hiding tool. All traffic between you and your server is fully encrypted. Fully redirected DNS look ups protects all your online activities from being tracked.
You can easily take a free trial before buying a paid subscription. The paid subscription comes with free lifetime upgrades and free of cost life time priority email support. It also gives you 90-day of money back guarantee. The monthly subscription of this tool is only $4.95 and the yearly subscription costs $29.95. If you want to buy it for life time then you’ll have to pay one time pay of $49.95.
Unlike most of the IP hiding services available online, the trial pack of this tool comes with full functionality so that as a first time user you can get the complete idea about how this software works.

Time to know about the working procedure of this Hide IP Address Safe:

It is a very easy to use IP hiding software. All you have to do is choose an IP address and then press the button called “Connect” and then you are fully protected instantly with the new IP address that you have selected. It automatically changes your real location also and you can see the location at the left top section of the main software interface. All the transferred date are fully encrypted and fully secured with high speed. No one can know who the actual person you are, where you are from and what are doing online. In this tool you can use same IP or use a special feature that rotates your IP in every 1,5,10,30 and 60 minutes. If you want to hide traffic for program then you can easily customize the entire thing from the setting option on the main software window.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a fully authentic and smart VPN or Private Proxy tool for you Windows or MAC operating system then you should definitely go for Hide IP Address Safe software.