Hide My Ass VPN Service Review

man in the middle attack

Without assistance from the right virtual private network, Internet anonymity is an impossibility. Too many people find themselves dealing with restrictive networks or, even worse, nosy network administrators poking through content that really is none of their business. The Internet is rapidly becoming so heavily monitored that we all feel as though we are under constant supervision; completely sapped of any and all freedom. Using a VPN is almost certainly the only way to guarantee total online privacy; something that really should be a basic human right.


Preventing a man-in-the-middle attack should be at the top of every Internet user’s priority list. When connections are unsecured, hackers are able to place themselves in a position to intercept information being shared between two users. In many cases, this information is sensitive and not designed to be shared with a third party.


Hide My Ass is a UK-based VPN that offers around 73000+ different IP addresses from roughly 600 servers in around 70 countries (Click here to see HMA VPN server distributions all over the world). It certainly does not require a genius to realize that this is impressive. Software is available for all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android as well as IOS, along with the additional benefit of two active connections at any given time. This means that users can connect withtwo separate devices simultaneously.

Speed and Reliability

On average speed tests show a download speed of between 1.34 mbps and 1.62 mbps, along with an upload speed of between 0.34 mbps and 0.43 mbps. Ping was recorded at between 33ms and 608ms These tests were done in different locations across the United States and Europe, proving that Hide My Ass VPN service functions well enough to facilitate video streaming, gaming, and various other regular functions.

According to testers, over a three-day period the connection stayed stable and showed no signs of dropping. It is important to note that the servers are constantly monitored and over the same three day period only 5 out of a possible 640 servers were ever offline.

Users are offered the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN-TCP, and OpenVPN-UDP. Each of these protocols features different encryption levels, some of which are infinitely more secure than others.

Ease of Use

hma user interface

What many similar services may be lacking is a user interface that is easy to use. HideMyAss is designed with both the novice and seasoned user in mind. Rather than assuming that each client isan expert, the development team has come up with something that works for everyone. Inexperienced users can easily use the basic cloaking functions while advanced users can make use of the more unique and complex features. Of course, there is a learning curve involved but with enough guidance from the community forum, novice users can transform into experienced pros in no time at all.

Clients are available for Mac and Windows PC users. Apple iPhone and Android users also benefit from the services offered by HMA. Although there is no client designed expressly for Linux users, an interface-based client can be requested in advance. SmartPhone applications are also hot on the market, making it even easier to use this service anywhere and at any time.

Tutorials are made readily available to customers who need a nudge in the right direction. These instructional guides cover all the information that one needs to know about setup, access options and everything in between.

Check out the video below and see how to use and how to connect to HideMyAss Pro VPN.Customer Service and Community Forums

Customer assistance is provided during most hours of the working week, though unfortunately some clients have remarked that the response is often slow. The website is easy to navigate and all the information anyone could ever need is provided in a variety of articles, blog posts, and reviews. Add to this a thriving community forum and you have a full-service VPN that you can rely on.

HMA has a multi-tiered approach to customer service, some aspects of which are more successful than others. Clients can contact the company via email, blog comments, forum posts, or live chat. It does seem, however, that there is a strong focus on trying to provide customers with all the information they might need on the company’s official support page.

Cost Effectiveness and Package Deals

As far as costs go, this is by far one of the better options. Free services from other companies are available but they are nowhere near as secure. Three different packages are available — 1, 6, or 12 months. Significant savings become a major feature with the larger packages, enabling clients to save over 40% in fees. Paying between $6.55 and $11.52 per month is a small price to pay for the purest privacy and highest security. This company is so sure of its services that it offers a 30 daymoney back guarantee, making it a completely risk free trial investment.

Four payment methods are available: PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin or Bank and Wire Transfers. This makes it easier for clients to use their preferred method of payment, rather than needing to jump through hoops in order to procure a monthly subscription.