Top 10 Antivirus 2016

Malware creators develop more than 80,000 threats per day according to a test that Panda Security conducted. The information is quite alarming to computer users who are browsing the Internet with no protection on their home and office devices. Caring manufacturers have created a wealth of antivirus protection programs so consumers can use their computers in peace.

The list of top 10 antivirus protection programs can help a computer user to download or purchase the best program. Users and experts rated the top 10 antivirus programs according to criteria such as real world protection, removal accuracy, file detection and more. A user should conduct a thorough antivirus comparison before picking one of the programs. The top 10 antivirus programs are as follows:

1. Bitfender

bitdefender 2016 review by AV-Comparatives

AV Comparatives rated Bitfender Antivirus product of the year for 2014. Users swore in the
Bitdefender 2016 review that the product was nearly flawless. The product won the award because of its ability to provide the consumer with multiple layers of protection. Users can feel the security in Bitfender’s ability to sniff out malware threats, attack them and keep the computer safe for the duration of the online journey. Bitfender offers a two-way firewall, privacy protection, safe banking, secure online storage and so much more. The Bitfender Internet Security package is $49.95, but the company are offering a 50% discount and 30-day trial period to anyone who would like to protect a personal computer.

2. Kaspersky

The Kaspersky 2016 review is positive. Kaspersky Internet Security Security is slightly expensive than Bitfender is, and it provides top-notch protection. Users have rated Kaspersky’s product with more than four stars for its effectiveness. Kasperksy offers a free trial to consumers who would like to gauge its effectiveness. The program offers protection against computer spies, Internet threats and online banking problems. Additionally, the program can improve performance. The usual price for the software is $59.95, but customers can take advantage of a current offer for $49.95.

3. F-Secure

F-Secure 2016 review by AV-Test

F-Secure is one of the top virus protection programs for the fourth year in a row according to AV-Test. The product provides enhanced heavy duty protection for businesses and corporations. The program does much more than simply search for existing viruses. F-Secure stays up-to-date with the latest malware so that it can set protection in motion before the new malware even gets a chance to start wreaking havoc. You can see a detailed F-Secure 2016 review here.

4. AVG

AVG is a free antivirus program for personal computers and mobile phones. The program offers features such as antispam, enhanced firewall, file shredder, antivirus, link protection and more. The free version provides the user with three features while the paid version of the program offers all of the previously mentioned features. Interested persons can try the full version of AVG for up to 30 days.


Avast! Is one of the best internet security 2016 products because of the premium services that it offers consumers at no cost. In fact, more than 230 million people use Avast! as their main source of malware protection. Avast! offers the usual antivirus features as well as additional features such as browser cleanup, software updates and remote assistance. Additionally, Avast! offers three versions of its software: Essential (free), All Inclusive and Top-Notch.


Avira is an antivirus program that German people engineered. Some of the features it provides users are cloud scanning, real-time updates, remote anti-theft services and secure surfing. The company offers one year of coverage for prices that start at $48.99.

7. Bull Guard

Bull Guard is a new program that offers a 60-day trial. The program offers protection against a myriad of malware. Another unique feature of Bull Guard is that it optimizes computer performance for the user so that the person can experience blazing fast speeds. Additionally, Bull Guard puts the breaks on applications that try to take over a person’s computer. The program can cover up to three personal computers for an entire year for the low price of $59.95.

8. Emisoft

top 10 antivirus review by AV-Comparatives

The Emisoft program is responsible for stopping more than 21 million infections since its manufacturer created it. More than 12 million people have downloaded it and used it on their devices. Users who choose Emisoft have access to premium virus protection, 24/7 customer support and speedy PC operations.


Sophos offers a legendary experience for high volume businesses. Its products offer features such as network protection, user protection and server protection.


Panda is an antivirus program that has a free trial for all three of its malware products. Users can experience virus protection, mobile protection, data protection and a PC tune-up. Additionally, Panda is currently offering discounts on its products.