Using the Microsoft Windows Update Site

One way to perform system updates is to use the Microsoft Windows Update Site.
When you get to the Microsoft Windows Update Site you may need to review some security warnings. Check each security warning to be sure Microsoft has digitally signed for the content and click “Yes” to run the software. Eventually you will see the page similar to the one shown below.

Click the link that says “Scan for Updates” and allow the Microsoft software to run. Microsoft will check your system to determine what updates it has and compare that against available updates.

Review and Install Updates

After a few minutes a page similar to the one below will appear which shows the available updates that your system needs. You should review these updates and unless there is a reason for an exception, install all security updates and normally install all critical updates. If you require a service pack, you should download it without other updates, but before doing that you should make sure you have an emergency boot disk and back up your system and data as mentioned above. You can read about Installing a Windows Service Pack here.

Select the updates you want, then click on the link that says “Review and install updates”.

The below page will appear.

Install Updates

Now you can remove some previously selected updates if you have changed your mind about any of them, then click the “Install Now” button.

The updates will download which may take several significant minutes depending on the size of the updates you selected and the speed of your internet connection. Once the updates download, they will be automatically installed on your computer. Once complete you may be prompted to reboot your computer, but whether or not you are prompted to reboot, it is a good idea to do so anyway. Rebooting will ensure that the updates have taken effect.