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Check Point FireWall-1
Their website states that Check Point’s FireWall-1 “delivers comprehensive and highly-scalable attack protection and network security. Using INSPECT, the most adaptive and intelligent inspection technology, FireWall-1 integrates both network-level and application-level protection to provide the highest level of security, with access control, attack defenses, content security, authentication, and integrated Network Address Translation (NAT).”
Price: 999999.00 Price varies by retailer
Barracuda Spam Firewall
Has ten defense layers against spam which include denial of service and security protection, IP block list, rate control, virus checking, user-specified rules, spam fingerprint check, intention analysis, and Bayesian analysis.
Rule-based scoringPrice: 1399.00 US Dollars not incl updates
An enterprise firewall. Their site states that the firewall “delivers enterprise-class firewall throughput and VPN concentration. Unbeatable price/performance characteristics make the PRO 3060 the ideal solution for companies that need rock solid network protection coupled with fast, secure VPN access for remote employees.”Price: 999999.00 Price varies by retailer
Fortinet Enterprise Firewalls
Offers several enterprise firewall models which vary in capabilities to support different size organizations.
Price: 9999999.00 Price varies by model