Spam Prevention

This section provides spam prevention tutorials and information. There are several reasons to stop spam which include:

  • Spam can handily deliver viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, and other nasty items to you which can compromise the security of your computer and wreck your operating system. These items are delivered to millions of people.
  • Spam is very offensive and many times pornographic or borderline pornographic materials are sent to you without your consent.
  • Spammers are stealing your internet bandwidth which is a resource you pay for
  • Spammers waste your time forcing you to delete their junk.
  • Spammers have recently been known to use spyware and adware programs installed on remote computers to try to harvest email addresses from internet search engines such as Gigablast. Some of these attacks have slown down the performance of these essential internet resource services.
  • Spammers are just bad guys who don’t care about anything other than money. They act irresponsibly polluting and hindering the operation of the internet. We hate what spammers do so we will do our best to help shut them down.

Spam Prevention Techniques

Spam prevention techniques include:

  • Choose a primary email address and be very selective about who you give it to.
  • Use multiple email addresses. Use one or more email addresses to give to people or organizations that you do not trust while only giving your primary email address to trusted friends.
  • Follow basic security practices and encourage your friends to do so also. If your friends get a virus, the virus could send your email address to a spam list.
  • Consider getting a spam filtering service. Some of these services work well to prevent spam by requiring a human to enter a special security code.