Adware and Spyware Prevention Tools Web Products

Spy Sweeper (Rate) (Report)
Detects, removes, and prevents spyware and adware programs. It provides real-time protection against spyware and adware and can prevent infection. Free trial version available.
Price: 29.95 US Dollars
PrivacyKeyboard (Rate) (Report)
Provides constant protection against keystroke capturing and other privacy invasion attempts such as desktop screenshot capturing, window capturing, and windows text capturing. Free trial version available.
Price: 59.95 US Dollars
a² personal (Rate) (Report)
Protects against harmful software including trojans, dialers, spyware, and worms.
Price: 29.95 US Dollars
Win Tasks 5 Professional (Rate) (Report)
Can be used to optimize a computer system and prevent malware since it allows the user to control processes. It provides a description of most processes running on the computer. It also lists DLL files associated with processes.
Price: 49.95 US Dollars
SpyStopper (Rate) (Report)
Stops spyware, adware, worms, web bugs and other hostile programs in real time.

Price: 29.95 US Dollars

SpyWare Smasher (Rate) (Report)
Removes spyware but also disables programs that start without user permission. The licensed version will prevent spyware from running and the free version will scan then disable suspicious software.
Price: 19.95 US Dollars
Spyblocker (Rate) (Report)
Protects against spyware, kills popups, stops spyware from transmitting tracking information, works with all web browsers, works with all windows versions, and protects against trojan data. Evaluation version available.
Price: 19.95 US Dollars