Free Adware and Spyware Prevention Tools Web Products

SpywareGuard (Rate) (Report)
Protects against spyware in real time so it can stop spyware before it executes. It scans for spyware in files before they are opened. It keeps detailed logs about spyware found, prohibits downloading of spyware in Internet Explorer, and protects the browser from being hijacked. There is a tutorial about how to use this product at
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XP-AntiSpy (Rate) (Report)
Disables some Windows XP features that some people have security and privacy concerns about. Shows a list of features and allows the user to decide which ones to enable or disable.
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Supertrick XG (Rate) (Report)
It optimizes settings on Windows operating systems to prevent adware, spyware, trojans, and other malware. It also uses hosts file entries to prevent malware.
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Perfect Process Freeware Edition (Rate) (Report)
Stops malware in memory as it attempts to start and protects Internet Explorer from hihack attempts. Provides detailed information about running processes. Free for up to 5 computers.
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BHOList (Rate) (Report)
Downloads the Browser Helper Object (BHO) list and makes it searchable. The list can be filtered to show known BHOs installed on your browser.
Also available at:
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SpywareBlaster (Rate) (Report)
Prevents installation of ActiveX based spyware, adware, and browser hijackers. Blocks tracking cookies in Internet Explorer, and Mozilla/Firefox. A tutorial is available at
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Enough is Enough! (Rate) (Report)
A utility that locks Internet Explorer versions 5 and 6 down. It disables the install on demand feature, and disables third party extensions, and also restricts cookies. It allows you to add sites to the trusted or restricted zone easier.
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BugOff (Rate) (Report)
Disables several browser exploits for Internet Explorer which are usually used by browser hijackers and therefore prevents some infections. Thi program is a tempporary solution to some browser exploits in Internet Explorer not patched when BugOff was written.
Can also be obtained at:
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hpguru’s HOSTS File (Rate) (Report)
A HOSTS file designed to block ads from domains that serve ads.
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