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Homeless in Vancouver: Internet security company springs big data leak…millions at risk. Not your problem (blog) - 12 hours ago
People aren't actually saying that every cloud has an unencrypted lining but they are saying that every website protected by the online security service Cloudflare has been leaking encrypted...

Everything You Need to Know About Cloudbleed, the Latest Internet Security Disaster

Gizmodo - 4 days ago
Have you heard? A tiny bug in Cloudflare's code has led an unknown quantity of data—including passwords, personal information, messages, cookies, and more—to leak all over the internet. If...

Google researchers have cracked a key internet security tool

Recode - 4 days ago
Google researchers have cracked a key internet security tool, and hope their finding will spur an end to widespread use of the encryption method. The team announced Thursday that they had succeeded...

Google, Dutch Researchers Unlock Key Internet Security Tech - 5 days ago
The research unit of Alphabet's Google division (GOOGL) and researchers from a Dutch institute have unlocked a widely used cryptographic technology, which has been one of the main building blocks...

MINDEF Internet system breached; data stolen from national servicemen, employees

Channel NewsAsia - 2 hours ago
Classified military information is stored on a separate system that is not connected to the Internet and has more stringent security features, it added. The I-net system is used by national...

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Latest News about Online Privacy

Fishkind Conversations: Online Privacy And The Economy

WMFE - 8 months ago
Do you value your privacy online? A recent Pew poll says most Americans do, but that they also feel like they've lost control of some of their personally identifying information – or...

FCC Chairman Pai wants to halt Internet privacy rules before they begin taking effect this week
Hide My IP

Los Angeles Times - 10 hours ago
The nation's new top telecommunications regulator wants to halt tough Internet privacy rules before they begin taking effect this week, arguing they would unfairly impose tougher requirements on...

FCC Chairman Goes After His Predecessor's Internet Privacy Rules

NPR - 3 days ago
The newly appointed Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is moving to scale back the implementation of sweeping privacy rules for Internet providers passed last year. Chairman...


Citizentribune - 13 hours ago
Citizen Tribune, (Citizen Tribune), is committed to keeping any and all personal information collected of those individuals that visit our website and make use...

5 easily installed utilities for improving your online privacy

TechRepublic - 6 days ago
When we wrote about privacy protection software in 2015 the internet was a vastly different place. Less than two years later we've seen a massive rise in cybercrime that is unlikely to slow down,...

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Dynamics of Anti-Virus Technology

You Can't Depend on Antivirus Software Anymore

Slate Magazine - 2 weeks ago
In 2014, a senior vice president at Symantec (the company that created McAfee competitor Norton Antivirus) went so far as to publicly say he thought that antivirus software was “dead.” At the...

Govt launches free anti-virus software for PCs, mobile phones

Livemint - 7 days ago
The centre, launched by ministry of electronics and information technology (MEITY), will work with different Internet service providers (ISPs), academia, banks and anti- virus companies in the...

Anti-virus software is just a terrible idea, warns former Mozilla engineer

The Indian Express - 4 weeks ago
A former Mozilla engineer, has criticised third-party antivirus vendors, warning consumers not to use...

Personal assistant devices are always listening- at what cost?

KOMO News - 9 hours ago
But since criminals are known to hack into everything from webcams, to security systems, to baby monitors, tech security experts say make sure you have a firewall. Make sure all your devices are...

AppSamvid: Free Application Whitelisting software for Windows

TWCN Tech News (blog) - 9 hours ago
In this post, we will take a look at AppSamvid, a free Application Whitelisting software for Windows operating system. ... This has numerous advantages over traditional signature-based antivirus...

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